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Make Slime!

Playing with slime is a sensory play activity allowing adults and children to utilize and understand all five senses. 👁👃👂👅🖐

So when several senses are stimulated at once, creativity and learning are built through this exploration. Also, sensory play also encourages development of coordination and fine motor skills. Making your own slime is easy – we recommend making some with all of your residents! 😊

You Will Need:

  • Elmer’s Slime Kit (available at Walmart)
    • This will include Glitter Glue and “Magic Solution”
  • Extra Glitter ✨
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Stirring Stick

To Begin:

  1. Begin by dumping the entire bottle of glitter glue into your mixing bowl.
  2. Next, add extra glitter if you wish (who doesn’t want extra glitter though.) ✨ Stir your concoction throughly.
  3. Now add the “Magic Solution.” If you can’t find the slime kit with the included “magic solution”, contact cleaning solution works just the same!
  4. Mix it well again.
  5. Know that it will need 5-10 minutes to set – it’ll be extremely sticky and hard to manipulate if you try to play with it right away.
  6. Store your slime in a small Ziploc container or bag to enjoy at any moment!

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Resident Snow Globes

Resident Snow Globes

Happy Friday!! You’re going to love this fun, interactive craft!

You Will Need:

  • Printed Photo of you, your pet, or whatever you’d like in your snow globe.
  • Packing tape (Laminating Machine if you have one)
  • Smooth Surface Mason Jars
  • Clear Glue
  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Scissors
  • E6000

To Begin:

  1. First I printed out a picture of me front and back (the back-side mirrored) then cut to shape.
  2. For this next step, you can either laminate your cut-outs or do what we did and used packing tape!
  3. Lay your cut-out on a flat surface. With a few pieces of tape as long or wide as you need, lay them as flat as possible to the cut-out and table.
  4. Peel your cut-out up and flip it over.
  5. Next, repeat another layer of packing tape on the opposite side.
  6. You should be left with a sturdy, water-resistant image. Trim any excess tape off the cut-out.
  7. Grab your mason jar, fit your image inside of your jar and tape your image to the lip of the jar. Be sure some of the tape is wrapped around the outer lip so when the lid is screwed on it stays put.
  8. Next, fill the mason jar less than a third of the way with clear glue.
  9. Add glitter and confetti to your liking. Next, fill with water to the neck of the jar.
  10. Secure the lid, shake well, done!
  11. Once your jar is to your liking, glue the lid shut using industrial glue. I like to use E6000.
  12. Enjoy!!

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