The Power of your Order History

by | December 13, 2023

Nestled within the digital nooks of is a not-so-hidden gem — the Order History section. In this blog post, we’re taking a stroll through its features, exploring the untold stories beyond mere order tracking. Forget the ordinary; let’s uncover the magic behind your calendar and newsletter orders.

Begin your journey by finding the Order History on the lefthand sidebar. Far from being a mundane tracking tool, it’s a space teeming with insights into your personalized calendar or newsletter.

  1. Order Status: The Order Status column is your friendly guide through the lifecycle of your order. Receive real-time updates on its journey from processing to print, ensuring you’re in the loop every step of the way. Once it says Closed, that means it’s shipped!
  2. View: Click on View on the right side, the gateway to your order’s backstage. Peek into the details, invoices, and more.
  3. Invoices and Invoice Status: The Invoice column doubles as your financial assistant. Wondering about the status of your payment? A simple gaze at the column will let you know what’s up. Then, click on View to download the PDF, making your finances a breeze.
  4. UPS Tracking: Move over, Sherlock! The Tracking Info column has a link that whisks you away to your UPS tracking. Know exactly where your package is, like a spy tracking a covert mission. The delivery van is your secret agent.
  5. Calendar PDFs and JPGs: Venture into the Digital Downloads section, where your calendars await. Click View, scroll down, and click the Digital Downloads button to download a ZIP file to your computer. If you ordered a newsletter proof, that’s in a separate section on the lefthand sidebar called News Proofs. Discover a trove of downloadable treasures, no pirate ships required.

Printing Your PDFs

Printing your digital gems is a straightforward process. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Click on “View” next to the order you wish to print.
  2. Scroll down to find the “Digital Downloads” button.
  3. Click to download the ZIP file containing your calendar. Open, view, and print at your convenience.

With the file in hand, view instructions here to print the PDF. Use the JPG for uploading to Facebook or other social media.

The Order History section is undeniably more than just a tracking tool. It’s a multifaceted feature that empowers you with a wealth of information, from tracking your packages to managing invoices and accessing digital downloads. So, the next time you’re wondering, “Where’s my order?” or “Did I settle that invoice?” — skip the confusion and explore the Order History.