Calendar Tutorials:

How to enter & edit your calendar events

Editing your calendar is easy on our new site! The main thing to remember is that you now have control of your repeating calendar events. They no longer carry over automatically, giving you more options on how and when your events repeat.

How to customize your calendar

Our customization options are now fully controlled by the website. You are limited to the amount of space available for your key & custom text. You can also update your calendar title and color.

How to place your calendar order

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new ordering page and shopping cart. If you have more than one calendar, you must add all the calendars to the shopping cart before placing your order.

Newsletter Tutorials:

How to upload photos and create your newsletter

We are no longer accepting emailed photos because you can upload them directly into your newsletter order! It’s quick and easy. Check out how with this video. After uploading photos, we’ll go over how enter other newsletter information as well.

How to add photos and text to the PDF photo template

Watch how to add photos and text to the PDF photo template. This video does not have sound.

How to upload your completed photo page template

When you’re done creating your photo page with the template, here’s how to be sure it’s uploaded.

How to print your calendar PDF

To print your PDF after you have ordered, you can go to the Order History by clicking on “Order History” on the lefthand sidebar of any screen in

Click on View next to the order you would like to print. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Digital Downloads. That will download the ZIP file of your calendar to your computer. Now, you can follow the instructions in this article to print your PDF.