I just placed my order, when can I expect it to arrive?

Refer to the map below ​to ​show an estimate of how long it will take from the time you place your calendar order online until the time it arrives at your facility via ​UPS or FedEx ​Ground service.​ Please add 3 business days if you are ordering a newsletter as well.

Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

Yes! For our calendar-only clients: In order to receive FREE UPS ground shipping, your order must be placed before your designated due date, typically the 10th* of the month & the printed product total** must be $100* or more to qualify.

*Or your designated Corporate due date/amount. Holidays & short months can affect this date. **After discounts are applied. PDFs and subscriptions do not contribute to meeting criteria.

MyCorwin.com is programmed to automatically deduct the shipping fee from qualifying orders.

Who is Corwin?

Corwin Design & Graphics Corporation is the parent company of MyCorwin.com. Founded in 1993, Corwin is a full-service design and print company that specializes in producing newsletters and calendars for the health care industry. Since all facilities (and their corporate owners) are not the same, Corwin offers a variety of newsletter and calendar programs that allow our clients to choose the program that fits their budget while maintaining an excellent marketing tool designed to build a sense of community, improve resident and staff communication and share their expert knowledge to the community.

How do the Newsletter and Calendar Programs work?

Our goal at Corwin is to provide a professionally designed and printed newsletter and calendar quickly, easily and inexpensively. Each month, we take your information sent online and create your newsletter and/or calendar for you. You do not need to design anything yourself. You decide how many pages you want your finished newsletter to be. You decide how much information you want to provide and how you will send to send it to Corwin. You decide how your newsletter will look by allowing Corwin to design a variety of masthead templates for you to choose from when you first start service with Corwin.

How do I get started?

Fill out our Sign Up form on this website. Once we receive your detailed information, we will provide you with a quote. You can always call or email with questions before signing up!

What is the due date each month?

To have your calendar designed, printed and shipped to your facility by the first of the month, the due date is the 15th of the month.

If you do not require delivery by the 1st, you do not need to follow our due dates. Corwin requires 3-5 business days to have your job designed, printed and shipped, then an additional 1-6 business days for UPS ground shipment.

Does the price change after the due date has passed?

It depends on how soon you need your newsletter and/or calendar. If you require overnight or rush design service, a Rush Fee may be necessary to meet your deadline. You will be notified BEFORE we begin your job of any rush fees associated with your job. In some cases, we can provide quick service at no additional charge depending on our production schedule. We only pass additional charges to you if it requires any or part of the Corwin team to work overtime to meet your requirements.

Do I need to “Subscribe” to your newsletter and/or calendar program?

If you are creating your newsletter or calendar online, a subscription is required for each and can be paid month to month or one year in advance (which is less expensive!). Corwin offers special pricing for clients who subscribe to both our newsletter and our calendar programs offered online.

Are there any setup fees?

There is no setup fee for the calendars. For the newsletter, there is a one-time fee of $55.00 for Corwin to design a newsletter masthead for your facility. Once you give Corwin approval of this fee, we will provide you with two templates to choose from. Minor edits and color adjustments can be made on your final choice, however; complete redesigns or excessive edits are billable. You will be provided with a quote for approval before any redesigns and/or edits are made.

Can I change the number of pages of my newsletter I have after I subscribe?

Yes, simply email us or give us a call so we can provide you with an updated price and make any necessary notes to accompany your job each month. Unless you tell us to change the type of newsletter you receive, we will consider your choice a “standing order” and keep all the specifications the same from month to month.

Do I receive a Proof of my Newsletter and Calendar?

If you are sending your information through our online service, you will not receive an additional proof from Corwin – you proof everything yourself before sending your order online. Once your order is picked up at Corwin, we place your articles on your template and print your job. You can order a proof if you prefer to see one before we print, however that is not the default.

Does Corwin offer to proofread my newsletter articles?

To a degree, yes. Once your material arrives at Corwin, our proofreading department checks your articles for any obvious spelling or grammatical errors and will fix any we find. Please keep in mind that, although we do our very best to catch every spelling or grammatical error, we are human and an error can get skipped so it is equally important that you proofread your articles (or have another person at your facility check them) to eliminate any possible typographical errors. We cannot proof proper nouns and names, dates of your special events, and information that was input incorrectly. Anything you submit is assumed to be “good to print” unless you otherwise specify.

Can I have repeating information each month?

If you wish to have your staff listing, general transportation schedule, photo of your facility, or any information that will not change from month to month, Corwin can add this information to your permanent template at no charge. However, it must be submitted at the time we are creating your template. Then, each month, your standard order will include everything we added to your main template. If you need to change anything, let us know and we’ll provide you with a quote to revise your template.

What if I don’t submit any information but still need a Newsletter?

For our clients who have signed up for monthly newsletter service but do not have any submissions for that month, go ahead and place your newsletter order online with no articles and Corwin will provide the articles necessary to complete your order.

What if I send too much information and it doesn’t all fit?

When creating your newsletter online, Corwin has provided information for you regarding “word count” or “character count” and your information must fit in that area. You can also copy/paste your articles created in another word processing program. You only need to type in the Headline and then copy/paste the body of the article. You can also run spellcheck online for your newsletter articles.

What type of “filler” articles does Corwin provide?

Our editorial staff writes professional articles that are specifically designed for your industry. These informative articles include general interest content, seasonal events, puzzles, recipes, and so much more. All the content that helps improve resident retention, increases referrals and builds a sense of community.

Where do my custom articles appear on the Newsletter?

Your articles will appear on the front and back pages of your newsletter. If you choose our fully custom newsletter, your articles are throughout your newsletter.

Can I include my logo or photos?

Absolutely! Branding is extremely important and photos can say a thousand words. Simply send us your logo in JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, or PDF format and we’ll include it in every newsletter and/or calendar. For photos, you can email them to us in JPG or PNG format.

Is there a contract to sign?

No. Some of our corporate clients enter into contracts for the production of a nation or region-wide newsletter, but our standard subscription (for online clients only) does not include a long-term commitment. We do ask that you provide an email notice of cancellation.

What ink and paper choices do you offer?

At Corwin, you dictate how your newsletter looks. Typically our black ink newsletters and calendars are printed on light color 60# that reflects the holiday or season that coincides with that particular monthly order. We provide both black ink newsletters and/or full-color newsletters. We also offer premium stock upgrades. Request a quote to get pricing for these optional upgrades.

How much does a Newsletter and/or Calendar cost?

Corwin offers a variety of different newsletter and calendar programs and prices vary according to the number of pages in your issue, how you send your information, how much you want to customize, and how you want your newsletter printed. Regardless of how you send it or what color ink it prints, you will receive beautiful layouts, professionally written articles, exceptional printing quality, and excellent customer service and support. Sign up for a no-obligation quote and see for yourself what a great value we offer.

Do you offer group discounts or corporate rates?

Absolutely. In fact, we already have corporate rates for many Long Term Care providers in the country which may include your facility! Give us a call or email us if you would like information on Corporate rates. Not only can we help with pricing, we can also offer your group several unique programs. Corwin offers a variety of programs and incentives designed specifically for regional or nationwide groups.