Gratitude During a Pandemic

World Gratitude Day "Keep the good vibes going" Turtles
Be on the look out in your mail for our gratitude mail outs. 💖

Every year on September 21st we celebrate World Gratitude Day. Here at Corwin, we think it’s a perfect day to reflect on what we are grateful for and spread the love to our coworkers and clients. With our current climate, we have found that the negative bombardment has us being intentionally positive. You may be wondering, “How can I celebrate World Gratitude day with my community?” Well, don’t you worry, dear reader, we have you covered!

Three Ideas to Celebrate World Gratitude Day

  1. Self-reflection: Why not write down what you are grateful for? If you’re feeling stuck or suffering from a bit of writer’s block, we have free downloadable templates below to help spark your gratefulness.
  2. Share your gratitude with others: Gratitude is best when shared! We know it’s hard to get together now – but if you’re able to socially distance – check out our Gratitude Game. It’s a great way to get to know each other and yourself.
  3. Keep the good vibes going: For every new customer that shares/emails/tags a photo with us of your community celebrating World Gratitude Day with our printouts, we will offer an annual membership for free!


Click the button below to download the PDF. Then open up the PDF on your computer and select Print. In your Print Settings, be sure “Fit to Page” is selected for a whole page (8.5×11) handout. ENJOY!

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