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Therapeutic Recreation Week

Therapeutic Recreation Week
Therapeutic Recreation Week

July 7th – July 13th

Therapeutic Recreation Week highlights the importance of engaging in activities that help with the recovery of healing people with various disabilities or illnesses. It can help keep a busy mind off of unnecessary stress that comes with having a disability.

Every day we will be providing a Therapeutic Recreational Activity for you to try with your residents at your own facility!

Recreational Therapy is used to help patients with disabilities and can even be prescribed by medical professionals as treatment, usually facilitated by a trained and certified individual. Recreational Therapy involves sports, arts, muscle relaxation techniques and even hobbies. It is designed to restore, remediate and rehabilitate a person’s level of motor functioning and independence in life activities. It promotes health and wellness as well as reduce or eliminate activity limitations.

Many rehabilitation centers and hospitals have an in-house recreation therapist who gives personalized assessments and works with a physician to create a recreational therapy plan that best suits the patient. This makes recreational therapy different than most therapies. Some interventions are individual and some are group based. But every therapy is tailored to the patient’s interests. This makes the therapy process meaningful and relevant.

Recreational Therapy is provided by qualified professionals known as Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS). Recreational Therapists do their best to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety in their patients. They try to help them build confidence and socialize in their community.

How is Recreational Therapy Beneficial?

  • Gives Patients active, outcome-focused care
  • Enables general skill-developed treatment to home or community environments
  • Reduces the effects of disabilities
  • Provides treatment through cost-effective means
  • Addresses the whole person with a focus on enhancing independent functioning
  • Builds physical, social, cognitive and emotional domains
  • Trains people to identify and utilize community resources
  • Focuses on skills that carry over to day-to-day life

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