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Painting Pumpkins Craft

painting pumpkins

Happy All Hallow’s Eve (Eve)! This DIY craft is painting pumpkins. Simple, but depending on your artistic level, a chance to be creative! Here at Corwin, we really enjoyed being able to sit down and get our creative juices flowing. 🎃 We have our costumes ready to go and are about to chow down on our Haunted potluck. We hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

You will need:

  • A gourd (We used plastic pumpkins because it’s hard to find real ones in Florida when we put this craft together. 😅)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint
  • Glasses of Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper Plates


  1. Clean off your pumpkin with water and dry it.
  2. Paint! 🎨 If you are not feeling creative, we encourage looking up examples!
  3. Let the paint dry and decorate your space!
painting pumpkins final

Display your painted pumpkins for all to see. 🤗 We would love to see if you and your community tried this craft. Email or tag us and show off you painting pumpkins!

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Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Toilet Paper Pumpkin
Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Happy DIY Friday! Running out of time to decorate for fall? Don’t worry! These 5-minute pumpkins are the perfect do-it-yourself activity for the holidays.

You Will Need:

  • Full Toilet Paper Roll
  • Bandana or 22 x 22-inch fabric of your choice
  • Stick
  • Green Pipe Cleaners

To Begin:

1. Start with a full, unused toilet paper roll.

2. Next, unravel your toilet paper roll partially.

3. After your toilet paper roll is unraveled, loosely rewrap the toilet paper around the roll. Be sure to twist as you roll to really round out your pumpkin.

4. Next, lay your bandana or 22 x 22-inch piece of fabric flat on the surface in front of you and place your toilet paper roll right in the middle.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins
Toilet Paper Pumpkins

5. With a corner of the fabric in hand, fold and stuff it into the center of your toilet paper roll. Repeat with all four corners.

6. Next, stick a plain old stick from outside into the center of your pumpkin to create the stem.

7. Finally, grab a pipe cleaner. Twirl it around your finger or a pencil to make it curl. Stick it in the center of your pumpkin for a finishing touch!

Toilet Paper Pumpkin
Toilet Paper Pumpkin

And there you have it, an easy, 5-minute pumpkin!

Have you tried this craft? Email your crafts to support@corwindesign.com to have your craft featured on our Facebook Page!

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