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Cinco de Mayo Mini Piñatas

Cinco de Mayo Mini Piñatas
Cinco de Mayo Mini Piñatas

It’s that time again – DIY Friday! This week we will be making Mini Piñatas for Cinco de Mayo. For this cheap and easy DIY activity, you’re going to want to collect old toilet paper rolls and paper towel tubes! With Cinco de Mayo creeping around the corner, you can start saving now!

You will need

  • Toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes
  • Wrapped candy of your choice
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • Glue or spray adhesive
  • Hole Punch
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Confetti or paper shreds

To Begin

1. Grab your toilet paper roll. Using your hole punch, punch a hole on one side of your tube and a second directly across from it.

2. Trim a piece of string or ribbon and thread through the holes you just punched.

3. With your toilet paper roll, pinch the hole punched end together. Fold down the flaps so that you can’t see inside the tube.

4. Tie off the string – this is to hang your piñata!

5. On the other end of your tube, fill with candy and confetti!

6. Pinch off the other end and press down the flaps so that your candy and confetti are sealed inside. If done properly, your piñata guts shouldn’t fall out!

7. Time to decorate your piñata! We decided to use colorful tissue paper from the dollar store to dress up our piñata, but you can use anything you’d like – glitter, paint, rhinestones, etc.

Tissue Paper
Dollar Tree
Tissue Paper
Dollar Tree

8. Using at least 3 different colors, cut your tissue paper into 2 inch x 6 inch rectangles.

9. Lay your tissue paper horizontally. With your scissors, make slits in your tissue paper about a half inch apart from one another.

10. When you have 3, 2 inch x 6 inch rectangles with slits, set them aside.

11. Apply glue to your paper towel roll – we used a spray adhesive found at the dollar store.

Spray Adhesive Dollar Tree
Spray Adhesive
Dollar Tree

12. Finally, wrap the toilet paper roll with the tissue paper to form a festive layered skirt. Allow time to dry and you have a mini piñata!

Cinco de Mayo Mini Piñatas
Cinco de Mayo Mini Piñatas

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