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“Bee” Kind to Honey Bees

Honey bee with pollen sacks entering a flower for nectar
Bee full of pollen flying to pink cherry blossoms.

An integral component to the growth and survival of plant life is the honey bee. Many people think this insect only plays a role in the lifecycle of flowers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are the global pollinators of vegetables and fruits, too. The honey bees’ work enables plants to thrive as they facilitate the pollen exchange between female and male plant parts, resulting in seed and fruit production. Without bees, sustainable agriculture would be exceptionally difficult. Insect pollination is required for reproduction in roughly 80 percent of flowering plants, and bees are key to the existence of flowering plants. In actuality, flowering plants would cease to exist if bees no longer existed.    

Honey Bee Comb

Keep that in mind when August 15th approaches, which is National Honey Bee Day. Nature lovers, beekeepers and more unite nationwide to encourage education and understanding of bees, beekeeping and the insect’s function in nature. Worker honey bees are busy little creatures, making honey and beeswax while simultaneously aiding in regular plant reproduction. Consider how much they accomplish during their short life span, which ranges from six weeks to five months on average. How impressive is that? In addition, in certain ecosystems, bees are the primary pollinators and the only reason that some species of plants are even alive. Such is the case in savanna woodlands and tropical forests, for example, among many others. It is easy to see why protecting honey bees is vital to maintaining a healthy and diverse ecosystem. 

Jodie with her honey bee hive.
Jodie pictured with her honey bee hive in Ybor City – Tampa, FL. 🐝

Did you know that one of Corwin’s own is a beekeeper? Jodie Jones, our Director of Marketing, says,

“You don’t have to keep bees in order to save the bees. Researching native bee-friendly plants to have around your home and avoiding pesticides are simple steps for a better world. Weeds are a bee’s best friend, so let ’em grow, y’all!” 🌸

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