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Fall Candle Jars

Dollar Tree Fall Candle Jars
Dollar Tree Fall Candle Jars

The dollar store has tons of reasonably-priced craft supplies and is the perfect place to stock up for craft day! Find all you need for today’s craft at your local store. Today we will be making Fall Candle Jars made from plastic (or real) leaves, mod-podge and your favorite shaped glass jar among the many glass jars at the Dollar Tree.


You Will Need:

  • Plastic (or real) Leaves
  • Glass Jar
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Battery Powered Tea Light Candle

To Begin:

  1. Once you’ve picked your favorite shaped jar, decide whether or not you would like a real or battery-powered candle. If you choose battery powered, then you can continue by coating the INSIDE of your jar in mod podge. If you choose a real candle, then you can continue by coating the OUTSIDE of your jar in mod podge. This is strictly for fire safety precautions.
  2. Next, begin carefully placing your leaves to the mod podge side of your jar. Use your paintbrush to coat the leaves and smooth out any wrinkles. Continue by covering the entire jar in leaves.
  3. Once your jar is covered, you can trim off any excess leaves and wait patiently overnight for your jar to dry completely.
  4. Now that the jar has dried, you may place the candle of your choice inside and enjoy!

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