New MyCorwin Dashboard – ready to LAUNCH!

site launch in 3 - 2 - 1 ! activity calendar and newsletter specialists get a facelift as the company and the team evolves to meet the demands of their growing market.

After years of development to meet the demands of our growing client base, we are ready to roll out our new user experience for January 2020! The much-anticipated calendar and newsletter interface will allow our communities to access all their activity calendar and monthly newsletter information under one easy to use dashboard.

Corwin Design & Graphics has been a leader in the healthcare activity calendar and newsletter industry for over 25 years. As the company and our client base grew, it became apparent that we would need to evolve. In order to keep up with technology, it would require the creation of a reliable online dashboard for community info to roll over every month and was introduced. At the time this was the first of its kind. Since its debut in the spring of 2007, we streamlined the process of ordering and fulfillment for assisted living and nursing home community’s activity directors and their staff. Our emphasis has always been on ease of use for the healthcare professional, premium quality and affordable designs.

Now, Corwin Design & Graphics and our team of design and web professionals are excited to introduce to you our faster, even easier to use online calendar and newsletter creator! Here are just a few of the great new features included:

  • Quicker PDF & digital download access
  • Repeat daily, weekly and monthly events in one easy step
  • View real-time calendar with professional artwork
  • More editing and customization features
  • Early bird free shipping for multiple calendar accounts
  • Faster features and cleaner user experience
  • New products including greeting cards and day frames

We are delighted to continue to serve our community of activity directors and corporate administrators with an even more user-friendly online calendar and newsletter portal that was designed with YOU in mind.

FULL SITE LAUNCH IS JANUARY 2020! We look forward to sharing our 2020 vision with each of you!

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