Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns

The New Year is right around the corner, but so is the Chinese New Year!

Create these festive Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns with everyone at your facility!

Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns

You Will Need:

  • Two different colored pieces of construction paper (We used the festive Red & Yellow, but you can choose whichever colors you’d like)
  • Scissors
  • Tape

To Begin:

  1. Select the paper color you would like to be the outside of your lantern. Lay the paper down flat. Trim off a half-inch wide piece of paper like the one pictured below. Set the half-inch wide piece aside.
Trim a half inch piece of paper

2. With the larger piece of paper, fold it in half.

Fold in half.

3. Using a pencil and a ruler draw a line length-wise on the open-side of your folded piece of paper about half an inch to an inch thick.

Draw inch-wide line on the open end of folded piece of paper.

4. With your marked, folded piece of paper in hand, grab your scissors and cut half-inch thick lines down the folded side of the paper. Don’t cut the paper all the way – stop at the line you marked previously. Set aside.

Cut half-inch sections from the folded-side and stop at the line you just drew.

5. With your second color paper, lay it out flat. With the short end in hand, roll the piece of paper to the other end, then tape to secure. This should create a roll.

6. Lay your “roll” on top of the cut piece of paper – align the edges and roll the cut piece of paper around the “roll.” Tape to secure the ends. Repeat on the opposite end.

Secure ends.

7. You should be left with something that looks a little like this:

Lantern without Handle

8. Grab the inch-wide slip of paper you trimmed off earlier. With a couple of pieces of tape, place them on the ends of the slip. Secure to the lantern to create a handle.

Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns.

10. Ta-da! Ready for the new year! Hang and celebrate!

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